Automation and special machinery
for the automotive industry.

The IWM Automation GmbH offers technology and application expertise for special machinery. As a specialist for customised solutions for production systems, we are constantly confronted with different technologies and processes. We take into account the specific requirements of our customers for semi as well as fully automated systems.

Our core competences lie in the assembly technology, welding technology and dispensing technology. The testing technology represents an area which is used in all other fields. However, the basic requirement for all our solutions is a high level of expertise in engineering. As latest technology, we offer to our customers machines for the forming of tubes.
Assembly Technology

Assembly Technology

pneumatic / hydraulic / servo drives, portal / 6-axis robot / SCARA robots / special solutions

System Linking
transfer system / rotary table / tact beams / special solutions

pneumatic / hydraulic / servo drives, with or without quality monitoring

pneumatic / hydraulic / servo drives, with or without quality monitoring

pneumatic / servomotoric, with or without quality monitoring

inductive / infra-red / airflow, with or without quality monitoring

labelling / needle embossing / scribing / inkjet / laser

Welding Technology

Welding Technology

In the field of welding technology IWM Automation develops and implements special solutions for various technologies. Areas of application include:

Resistance Welding
stationary / robot / portal / special solutions

Arc Welding
stationary / robot

Laser Welding
remote laser / robot / portal / special solutions

Ultrasound Welding
stationary / special solutions

The applications range from microwelds to macrowelds. Designed depending on the needs and requirements for individual machines or flexible robot cells using component-specific fixtures.

In particular, there is know-how in the application in conception and design of the fixtures.
Dispensing Technology

Dispensing Technology

Dispensing Technology is a very diverse technology at IWM Automation. We develop and apply solutions for the following technologies:

Foam Technology
1K / 2K / multi-component / Stationary / Robot / Portal Technology

Casting Technology
1K method / 2K method / multi-component method / Stationary / Robot / Portal Technology

Greasing Technology
Bead application / spray / roller application / Stationary / Robot / Portal Technology

Fat Technology
Bead application / spray / roller application / wetting

Oil Technology
Spiral wetting

The know-how of IWM Automation refers in this case to the application of systems from different manufacturers and a meaningful integration with respect to the overall process.
Testing Technology

Testing Technology

The testing technology can be designed both as an autonomous unit as well as an integrated solution in a complex system. We offer the right solution for a variety of demands such as tightness and volume testing / force-displacement testing / torque testing / allowance testing / rotational speed testing!

Presence Check
tactile / optical / capacitive / inductive / special solutions

Functional Testing
tactile / optical / capacitive / inductive / special solutions

Vision Systems
sensor / intelligent camera / PC systems

Process Monitoring
force / displacement / torque / angle / tightness / volume / temperature / hardness

Of course, we also provide for an evaluation and transfer of process data to higher-level systems. Either in the form of autonomous operating and machine data logging systems or in the form of suitable interfaces to master systems.
Forming Technology

Forming Technology

Special solutions for fully automated processing of tube assemblies and fully automatic assembly of components.

Forming of tubes
Bending / denting / pressing / fold-bulging

Punching of tubes
Punching / notching

Cutting of tubes
sewing / cutting