Project Workflow

Milestones form the backbone of every project at IWM Automation.

Process Engineering
A solid basis for a demand-driven conception and planning for a smooth running of the project - right from the beginning.

Sales at IWM Automation is closely linked with the area of Project Management. Thus, in case of a new customer request the respective project is already involved at the beginning of the project, i.e. already in the request phase.
Mechanical Design
From the idea to a 3D model on the computer.

The main task of the mechanical design lies in the creation of the drafts and all relevant documents for the manufacturing, assembly, electrical engineering and purchasing. This includes:

  • 3D models
  • Bill of material and drawings for manufacturing
  • Assembly and pneumatic diagrams for installation
  • Pneumatic diagrams, signal lists for electrical engineering
Electrical Design
The task of the electrical engineering lies in the preparation of all relevant documents for the purchase and electric installation.
Procurement Mechanics / Electrics
The goal of the process of purchasing in the proper procurement of purchased parts and services according to specified requirements.
Manufacturing Mechanical / Electrical
The goal of the process of manufacturing is an optimal implementation of the design requirements to achieve the best possible parts quality.
Mechanical Assembly
The mechanical assembly consists of the assembly of manufacturing and purchasing parts based on assembly drawings of mechanical assemblies. These drawings are created by our Mechanical Design department.
Electric Installation
The work content of the electric installation consists of the wiring of electric components based on circuit diagrams. These plans are created by our Electrical Design department.
The software-based automation of processes is the task of programming. PLC programming used in this context serves both the automatic and manual handling of complicated robotics and automation technology.

The efficiency of the entire system is the main focus at IWM Automation. The process is visualised using process control systems. In doing so, machine-oriented operation and monitoring are ensured and the traceability of individual production steps is made possible. In addition to the PLC programming, the connection to a high-level language or communication with higher-level systems is also part of the scope of services at IWM Automation.
During the internal commissioning the entire know-how of our employees is required. For this reason, we have highly trained professionals.
Delivery Sign off
The complete functionality of all processes is checked by the customer and the system is prepared for delivery.
Commissioning at Client's Premises
After the delivery release and shipping the machine is re-assembled at the customer's premises and put into operation.
Ready for production
Once the machine is fully assembled and put into operation again at the customer's site, the operational handover is performed.
Final Acceptance
The final inspection is carried out jointly by customer and contractor. The examination of the machine for completeness of its functions and components is performed. Basis of the testing are the specifications in the requirement specification. All steps of the final inspection are recorded in a written acceptance protocol, which is then signed jointly by the customer and contractor.