Rohwedder Macro Assembly GmbH and IWM Automation GmbH become ONE

Dear Sir and Madame,

As sister companies consolidated under MAX Automation AG, we have been there for a long time, and now we are also taking this step organizationally and visually: under the name IWM Automation, the two companies are bundling their forces into a strong single entity. The new company is managed by General Director Peter Rothgang.

This merger of two leading providers of sophisticated automation solutions will create a company with more than 300 employees at three locations in Europe as well as the MAX Group with other experts in the US and China.

What changes for you?

  • Closer to the customer: Together, we have a international network that enables us to solve your tasks even faster and more flexibly.
  • More know-how: Merging our expertise gives you the best solutions from both worlds.
  • Even wider range: As your solution partner, we are able to continuously realize even large projects - with high punctuality and top quality.

What does not change for you, are your usual and reliable contact persons.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a relaxing Christmas and a good start to a healthy and Happy New Year. We look forward to our continued good and successful cooperation.


IWM Automation GmbH

Peter Rothgang - General Director


Change in Management

Dear Sir and Madam,


I have the pleasure to communicate, in my position as CEO of the M.A.X. Automation AG, that there has been a change in the management in our associated company IWM Automation GmbH in Porta Westfalica. Mr. Peter Rothgang has assumed the responsibility on July 2016 as managing director of the associated company. He takes over the position of Mr. Jakob Dirksen, who leaved the company IWM on 30. June 2016 at his own request.


Mr. Rothgang has long-term experience in the area of automotive industry as well as plant construction and engineering. He had executive positions in international companies as well as the position as managing director in small and medium-sized enterprises.


One of the key aspect of Mr. Rothgang will be, to aim the IWM Automation more international and to develop the business of service. He will strengthen the position of IWM as a flexible and qualified partner in automated assembly facility as well as intelligent system of lean assembly.



Mr. Rothgang looks forward to introduce himself personally in the next weeks.


Yours faithfully

Daniel Fink




M.A.X. Automation AG

Breite Strasse 29 – 31

D-40213 Düsseldorf




2015 ... 2016

We wish you for 2016, exciting projects and great success in their implementation.

Our whole team wishes you a merry Christmas and a good and happy new year!


Know how in all aspects of pedal mechanism is paying off

The fact that the IWM Automation has a long established core competence with the assembly of clutch and brake pedals has once again helped us win new orders.

All areas of our engineering are very familiar with the technical details of the processes related to the pedal mechanism.

We therefore look forward to this new challenge!


Research into automobile lightweight, energy and resource efficiency - we are active

In cooperation with the Institute of Lightweight Structures in Automotive at University of Paderborn IWM Automation is actively involved in the research for innovative solutions in lightweight automotive construction.

Together with the Department of Environment sustainable products and processes of the University of Kassel, we deal specificially with energy and resource efficiency in machine and systems engineering.


IWM-testing expertise for gearshift once again required

So calles EoL test stations (EoL = End of Line) serve to carry out one hundred percent inspection and functional tests at the end of an assembly line. They also belong to the core competencies of IWM Automation.

We will soon be delivering, to a customer, an EoL test station for a gearshift lever knob with a qulitative evaluation, for amongst other things the luminance measurement in spot and general illumination, plus homogeneity comparison of the symbols with each other.

Delivery will be made as always, after commissioning and the joint carried out Delivery Sign off at our headquarters in Porta Westfalica.


Renowned car manufacturer underlines confidence with orders

IWM Automation recorded in the first quarter of 2014 in the automotive sector, new orders from a renowned car manufacturer, with whom a longstanding business realtionship already exits.

Thus, the series of assembly systems for steering columns has continued. The contract is for a company located in Germany.

In addition, a system extension for the hybrid type of the electro-hydraulic control unit in South Eastern Europe has been agreed upon.

IWM Automation evaluates the orders as renewed evidence of the mutual trust between the two companies that has grown over years.


New contract for the conversion of a gearbox assembly line

New contract for a major conversion of a gear assembly line of a well-known German automobile manufacturer.

IWM Automation will convert and expand an existing gearbox assembly line to facilitate the production a new vehicle variant.

By doing that, we make sure that the system will be able to reliably provide transmissions for a new generation of vehicles.


Delivery of a plant in the field gearbox assembly

IWM Automation delivers a further assembly machine in the field of transmission assembly.

For a well-known German premium car manufacturer, the assembly line will produce the electro-hydraulic control unit of an automatic transmission.

IWM Automation solidifies her presence in the field of gearbox assembly and has already received a follow-up order for an additional assembly line for a European location.

New customer in the field of tube end forming

IWM Automation was able to successfully acquire a new customer in the field of tube end forming.

The tubes will be integrated in seat structures for automobiles.

In collaboration with the client, prototype experiments are carried out to secure the future production process.


Relaunch of the IWM Automation Homepage!

The design of this homepage has been revamped and the navigation options have been adjusted to the latest products, such as smartphones and TouchPads. Like this, users can find their topic of interest faster.


New offices and conference rooms have been completed.

The expansion of the production area is followed by an extension of the premises at IWM Automation.


Solidifying its presence in the market for tube forming with our own technology by a further new customer from the automotive industry.

Currently, a technically complex system is being processed in the area of tube end forming. This assembly / forming system represents a major innovation in the area of tube forming for the customer. By multi-stage forming processes a cycle time of 10 seconds can be achieved.


A hall extension with 1000 square meters has been completed.

With this extension, IWM Automation strengthens its presence in Germany. Thanks to this a total of 4500 square meters of production space are now available in Porta Westfalica.


New contract for the production of a transmission assembly line for the assembly of wheelsets and gearboxes.


After the first transmission assembly was commissioned in August 2009, IWM Automation is once again active in the supreme discipline of engineering. Here, it comes down to prove to the customer that we can also handle large assembly lines in a professional and highly satisfactory manner. The customer has repeatedly confirmed his confidence in our system technology and has once again ordered a transmission assembly. All employees of IWM Automation are delighted and look forward to further cooperation.



New contract for the production of a complete transmission assembly.

The transmission assembly is establishing itself as a new core segment of IWM Automation. Thanks to the newly acquired know-how in the field of large-scale plants and transmission assembly we have been able to welcome a new customer. Impressed by our capabilities and geographic proximity, IWM Automation is awarded for a pioneering large-scale installation of the transmission assembly. This contract is an important milestone for IWM Automation, which has now established the company across manufacturers in the field of transmission manufacturing.


Establishment of IWM Automation Polska Sp z o.o. in Chorzów

With a production area of 3500 square meters and 30 employees, we have moved closer to our customers in Eastern Europe. The branch in Chorzów near Katowice is directly located in the automotive region of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thus, IWM Automation is able to develop and manufacture automation solutions directly in the region while being close to the customer in a service purpose.


New contract for the production of a transmission assembly for mounting of wheelsets and gearboxes.

IWM Automation implements its expansion plans! Together with a renowned OEM of the automotive industry we are working on an assembly plant for transmissions. This plant surpasses all machinery in scale and size previous built by IWM Automation. We are highly motivated and convinced that this facility will exceed our customers' expectations.